Sulfur Containing Compound Database


  1. What is SuCComBase?
  2. SuCComBase is a database that compose all the information of known, putative and potential sulfur-containing compounds (SCCs) biosynthetic genes from different public databases and literature. SuCComBase also provides additional information such as SCC homologs, SCC compounds and publications that related with SCC genes.

  3. What is potential SCC gene?
  4. Potential gene is predicted as gene that co-expressed with the known SCC genes. Gene co-expression study employed to identified genes that are potentially involved in sulfur-containing compounds (SCCs). Genes within modules of a co-expression network may be involved in similar biological processes and carry same biological functions.

  5. How does SuCComBase identify putative and potential gene?
  6. Putative SCC gene is a predicted gene with computational evidence retrieved from two public database, Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) and AraCyc. Whilst, potential gene is a gene that co-expressed with known SCC gene identified from co-expression network study. All the data sources of co-expression network were collected from AraNet, GeneMania and ATTED databases.

  7. What gene identifiers does SuCComBase recognize?
  8. SuCComBase recognizes gene name, AGI ID, Uniprot ID, Entrez, and Refseq.

  9. How can I download the datasets in SuCComBase?
  10. User can download the datasets by click the “CSV/Excel” button provided at the top right in each of SuCComBase table.