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Arabidopsis Compound Description

Knapsack ID C00000126
PubChem ID 9576416
Compound name 1-Methoxy-3-indolylmethyl glucosinolate
Common Name Neoglucobrassicin
Formula C17H22N2O10S2
SCC Type Tryptophan derived glucosinolates; Indolylmethyl glucosinolates
SCC Function Both colitis and tumor number were drastically reduced after feeding the GSL-rich brassica vegetable diet. GSLs can act anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic but both effects depend on the specific amount and pattern of GSLs within a vegetable (Lippmann et al. (2014).
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Kliebenstein, D. J., Kroymann, J., Brown, P., Figuth, A., Pedersen, D., Gershenzon, J. & Mitchell-Olds, T.


Genetic Control of Natural Variation in Arabidopsis Glucosinolate Accumulation

Plant Physiology


Brown, P.D., Tokuhisa, J.G., Reichelt, M. & Gershenzon, J.


Variation of glucosinolate accumulation among different organs and developmental stages of Arabidopsis thaliana



Lippmann, D., Lehmann, C., Florian, S., Barknowitz, G., Haack, M., Mewis, I., Wiesner, M., Schreiner, M., Glatt, H., Brigelius-Floh?, R. & Kipp, A. P.


Glucosinolates from pak choi and broccoli induce enzymes and inhibit inflammation and colon cancer differently.

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