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Putative SCC Gene Description

Computed by AraCyc computational
Gene name FMO GS-OX-like 11
AGI ID AT1G63390
Gene length 168
Uniprot ID Q9SH25
Protein Name Putative flavin-containing monooxygenase FMO GS-OX-like 11
Synonym F2K11.23
EC number 1.14.13.-
Entrez Gene 842645
Refseq mrna NM_001334089.1
Refseq protein NP_001319303.1
GO ID Ontology GO Term Description



monooxygenase activity

Catalysis of the incorporation of one atom from molecular oxygen into a compound and the reduction of the other atom of oxygen to water.




A location, relative to cellular compartments and structures, occupied by a macromolecular machine when it carries out a molecular function. There are two ways in which the gene ontology describes locations of gene products: (1) relative to cellular struc