Sulfur Containing Compound Database

Arabidopsis Compound Description

Knapsack ID C00007864
PubChem ID 5486194
Compound name (2S)-2-Hydroxy 3-butenyl glucosinolate
Common Name Epiprogoitrin
Formula C11H19NO10S2
SCC Type Methionine-derived glucosinolates; Hydroxy alkenyl glucosinolates
SCC Function Antiproliferative activity found for Isothiocyanate and nitriles derived from epi-progoitrin demonstrated that in general nitriles are considerably less potent than the corresponding isothiocyanates in inhibiting cancer cell growth (Nastruzzi et al 2000).
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Reichelt, M., Brown, P.D., Schneider, B., Oldham, N.J., Stauber, E., Tokuhisa, J., Kliebenstein, D.J., Mitchell-Olds, T. & Gershenzon, J.


Benzoic acid glucosinolate esters and other glucosinolates from Arabidopsis thaliana



Nastruzzi, C., Cortesi, R., Esposito, E., Menegatti, E., Leoni, O., Iori, R., & Palmieri, S.


In vitro antiproliferative activity of isothiocyanates and nitriles generated by myrosinase-mediated hydrolysis of glucosinolates from seeds of cruciferous vegetables.

Journal of agricultural and food chemistry